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Paintball enthusiasts know that the most important piece of equipment to have when playing is a good paintball gun or marker, which is why players invest a lot of money in their guns. When deciding which marker you want to buy, there are a few things that you need to consider, as a beginner, you need a gun that is accurate, easy to use, and reliable, which is why a paintball gun like the Planet Eclipse Etha should be one of the guns you should consider buying and in this review you will discover the truth about this product.

The Planet Eclipse Etha is a great marker for beginners, because it is very easy to use and maintain, unlike some paintball guns that are supposed to be easy to use which aren’t. It is a cheaper version of the more popular Planet Eclipse paintball guns like the Geo, but still has some of the functions found on the higher priced models, which means it can also be used by more experienced players.

It is a small, lightweight marker, which means it is easy to carry around, and won’t slow you down while playing; cleaning it is very easy, because there is only one screw used to hold the grip in place, which makes it easy to take apart, which is something a new player will definitely appreciate.

Planet Eclipse Etha

Pros of Using the Planet Eclipse Etha

  • Planet Eclipse has the best customer service in the business.
  • It has a lot of features you won’t expect from a paintball gun in its price range.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • It fires very rapidly.
  • It doesn’t chop paintballs.
  • The internal operating system makes it easy to clean.

Cons of The Product

  • The only negative with this product is that it is louder than most paintball guns. Check out Empire Axe, which is very quiet if you do not like loud shooting.

Planet Eclipse has been known to make high quality paintball guns for a long time, and that is exactly what you get with the Etha, they believe that every paintball player should have a quality gun or marker, regardless of their experience level

reviewUnlike lower priced products that claim to be just as good as their higher priced counterparts, the Etha performs like a top quality price gun such as Tippmann X7, Empire Axe and Tippmann A5. The gun fires up to 1,000 shots on a 4,000 psi fill up, before you notice a drop off. It uses the same reinforced nylon composite materials for the feed neck, eye covers, and grip frame, which Planet Eclipse used on their Etek, which make the Etha a very durable paintball gun that can take a lot of punishment.

The Etha has a high quality regulator that can handle different output pressure from your tank, regardless of the pressure being high or low, which improves the performance of the marker drastically. The Etha also has a variety of firing modes that include a capped and uncapped semi-automatic mode.


The Planet Eclipse Etha is a very fun and reliable marker to use for beginners, and even experienced players because of the features that it has, it is a small lightweight gun that is also very accurate, and easy to use. While it is a great gun for beginners, it is also a good alternative for experienced players who don’t want to spend too much money on a top shelf paintball gun; because it comes with most of the features those guns come with. We hope this Planet Eclipse Ethra review will help you determine whether you need this product or not, good luck!

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